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tv   [untitled]    June 26, 2015 6:30pm-7:01pm PDT

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of peace. how proud they would be secretary general ban ki-moon. i'm going to depart for a moment of personal privilege because i lurd the secretary general reference a meeting he had with preddant kennedy and i want to tell you my connection tothe un. when i was a teenager in the 50's my father was the mayor of baltimore, i was in high school and a member of something called united nations youth and president-not president, center kennedy who was hoping to be president came to baltimore to speak to a dinner, the united nations association of maryland honoring jacob [inaudible] my
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mother said she was sick, but he said you can take my place at the dinner knowing how much i admired center kennedy so i had the privilege of sitting next to him, he was the featured speaker at the dinner, sitting next to him and hearing his words of encouragement to view the world globally and encouraging young people to do that. it is something of course i'll never forget and this is the best place i could tell that storo of so many years ago. it wasn't long after that that he became president and at the un before the un general assembly he spoke for the need of global perspective and action mptd he said plague and pestulence, plundsing and pollution the hazards of nature and hunger of children are the fous of every nation. the earth, sea and air
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can be the concern of every nation and science technology and education can be the alley of every nation. the trooth of president kendies words speaks across the generation, true today. they are the thoughts conveyed every day by our secretary general. saerfb decades after the founding the united nations and the ideals that guide it continue to inspire and challenge the member nation tooz answer our responsibility to fellow human beings, under the leadership of ban ki-moon with entrepreneur spirit and fresh eyes a strong un made for a better world in so many areneas the united nation played a leadership role. thank you for your leadership in promotion of
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peace and eleaveiation of poverty and elimination of disease. thank you for driving immobilization of hiv and aids. advancing human rightss and empowering women and girls, he has been a leader. in recognizing the scale and urgency of the climate crisis we have seen first hand his determination he has given passionate leadership to the cause. it is now my great pleasure to introduce the leader of this great gathering, a man dedicated to advances peace, promoted sustainability and upholding ideals of the leaders who came together in san francisco. honored guest please welcome me the 8th [inaudible] of the united
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nations, ban ki-moon. >> thank you. please take a seat. honorable nancy pelosi, congress woman and democratic leader of the united states house of representative thank you for your kind introduction and thank you for your great leadership. the united nations is very much grateful for your continuing support. we need your support from the congress. the honorable jerry brown, the gevner of california, again i thank you for your participation and for your
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strong support for the united nations and change on sustainable development and i look forward working closely with you. thank you for your leadership. the honorable edwin lee, mayor of san francisco, thank you for organizing great and historic opportunities to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the signing this great united nations charter and thank you for recognition of the united nations role by honoring me with this key of san francisco. i'll keep it on behalf of all the united nations staff for working day and night for all the peace and
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security. thank you again for your recognition for this great meeting today. thank you. and i would like to thank and recognize particularly the mrs. shultz. she has worked as the chief protocol of the great city. since i was [inaudible] when i came with my friends of foreign minister, she has always been there and as secretary of general i have been helped by you and thank you very much. thank you. and i would like to thank colleague ambassadors that came all the way from new york. thank you for your participation and strong commitment. thank you very much. thank you. and
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honorable general and members of depmatic and [inaudible] distinguished guest [inaudible] i don't know where she--thank you [inaudible] for your continuing commitment. continued commitment. she may be young, she may be very
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young, but she has given such a strong sense of hope to many girls around the world who had been ignoreed and discriminated and she campaigned this cause with [inaudible] what terrorist fear most is girls who can read and go to school and she has given such a great message to our world and thank you again [inaudible] ladies and gentlemen, thank you for joining us to celebrate the founding of the united nations, the indispensable [inaudible] i'm honored and proud to serve. i would like to tell you i
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regret his ex lensy [inaudible] who is president of the [inaudible] could not be with us today to represent the members states of the united nations who make up the united nations, but i welcome again, the many ambassadors who are representing the united nations today and thank you very much again. and again i would like to express my special gratitude to governor and mayor of san francisco and this great state of california. the center of diversity and innovation. in fact, san francisco isn't just about the [inaudible] of the united nations. for me personally, it was the place
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where my passion as a young boy to be a global citizen, my passion was born here in san francisco in 1962. more than half a century ago, 1962, i came to the united states as a part of a young student group, international student sponsored by the american red cross society. i was just 18 years old at the time. our trip began right here in san francisco in the bay area. it was my first ever foreign trip. you may understand, it was my eye opening to the world, greater world. i was hosted by very kind [inaudible] a
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wonderful family in nuvauto. [inaudible] is here with us. she's now 97 years old. what a admireable lady. thank you very much. she is my american mom. thank you. ladies and gentlemen, the drafting of the charter was a glorious gamble. delegates from dozens of countries [inaudible] on humanity. so much faith was lost in the trenches and gas chambers of 2 world wars in the space of just one generation, but they dared to believe in
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something bigger than person or country. for 2 months they turned san francisco's war memorial into a peace palace. more than 3 thousand women and men took part in the negotiation. won of them was mrs. elen [inaudible] a high school senior at that time. she was a spanish translator and had everyone speak the universal language of peace and [inaudible] she was the first un staff who is still here with us, mrs. newman, thank you very much for joining us today. the
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delegations, they worked against the backdrop on a monumental [inaudible] liberation of [inaudible] the victory in europe, but victory in san francisco was never assured. today we take the ideal of the united nations for granted, but bringing it to life required huge [inaudible] of state [inaudible] to breach differences among the delegations. intensive noination, the delegates realized their dream. they anyhow knew you do not just rebuilt broken societies with brick and mortar, but with ideas and values for human [inaudible] with the adoption of the united nation charter, a
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world in rebal found a path to renewal. ladies and gentlemen, i was born just a month before the united nations was born, but it did not take long for it to change my world for good. when the korean war ravaged my country, i lost my home, my village, my school, everything was destroyed and burned, but help came bring thg united nations flag. that was a beacon for all the korean people. help came from unisef, sacks of grain and textbooks from [inaudible] and many young soldierss from 16 member states and 5 more who sent their young
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soldierss and 5 more countries who sent their medical teams. the representatives of those countries are participating in this and i thank you for your sacrifice and support at that time. i would not have been able tostand as a secretary general of the united nations now without the help of the united nations. that was the first peace keep ing mission of the united nations sense the birth of the united nations. the united nations showed that we were not alone. today when i travel to refue gee camps and [inaudible] around the world, i tell young people refue gees
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and displaced persons saying that don't dispair. you are not alone. the united nations stands with you. i myself made it and you can to. the united nations will support you. this is what i'm sending messages to. many helpless z unfortunate young people and refue gees around the world and believe that is my mission and our mission of the united nations. every day the united nations feeds the hungry, shelters refue gees, 60 million refue gees now and vaccines-more than 60 percent of children we vaccine against deadly disease. every day we represent human rights for all regardless of race, gender,
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religion, nationalalty and sexual orientation. in that regard, i welcome the decision of the supreme court of the united states that paves the way of gay and les biian americans to have their relationship legally recognized no matter what part of the united states they are living in. this is a great step forward for human rights in the united states and i join the lgbt community and there is a million of allies in celebrating this historic decision. ladies and gentlemen, the united nations
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led the charge in dismantleing colonialism, bringing feedm to millions of people. we mobilize td the world to [inaudible] our peace keepers are on the front lines of war. our mediators bring various to the table of peace. yet, tragied has also been with us every step of the way. genocide, war and a thousand daily indignities and abuse plague far too many people, especially women. conflict forced more people to flee their homes today than any time since the second world war. forces of division are on the march [inaudible] the first promise of isolation in ever
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more independent world. the planet itself is at risk. ladies and gentlemen, 70 years ago mrs. elen newman was a young student. today we are honored again to be joined by another [inaudible] you are a daughter of the united nations and a toch bearer for young generations. thank you for reminding us of that. anniversary is about the future. we have a big road ahead. ladies and gentlemen, i tell you why we have a big walk ahead. in september world leaders including president obama will come to united
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nation special summit session and adopt a inspiring new development agenda to end a global poverty. in december international community has committed to reach a bold climate change agreement to place the world on more sustainable footing. these are once in a generation opportunities. this is our san francisco moment. let us walk to make these things happen. e gets on the podium and ladies and gentlemen of in signing the charter [inaudible] achieved what many thought was
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impossible. the first was to help achieve the charters course to unit or strength and to use their creation, the united nations for the common good. the united nations is the hope and home of all human kind. the charter is our compass. less us never relent on the journey to a better world for we the peoples and i thank you for your strong commitment. lets 's work together to make this bet frr all the people. thank you very much.
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>> ladies and gentlemen, the secretary general will now present the united nations charters to the delegation from the future. 3 young dults from the bear yeahia, renay jur ard, an elise, you cowa and dens man dujo. the un charter essential 7 years ago today and 70 years from now. please welcome them. >> thank you mr. secretary
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general for gracing us on this wonderful occasion in san francisco and around the word of the 70th anniversary of the united nations. we are all i'm sure hoping for peace and praying for peace around the world so we welcome you here today and look forward to you being here on the 75 anniversary of the united nation charter signed in our beautiful san francisco. thank you very much for being here.
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>> when the new california academy of sciences opened in 2008, it quickly became one of the top tourist magnets in the city. part of the cal academies' astronomical success is the weekly nightlife party. >> i am joined by helen who is here to school me on all the nocturnal activities that are getting ready to take place here. tell us a little about what we can expect to see at nightlife. >> we open up the doors every thursday night at the california academy of sciences. there are certain things you can see every week you can go to the museum visit the planetarium, and we bring in bars and a deejay or band. it is a different feel from during the day, something different every week. tonight , we have beer and music. -- tonight we have great beer
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and music. it is beer week. we have a dozen local brewers in african hall. we have a deejays to set up throughout the museum and a live performance at 9:00 p.m. tonight. >> what has been your favorite part as a participant or as an observer? >> my favorite part is to walk around the aquarium in to see people with a drink in their hands, getting to know maybe somebody new, may be looking for a day, or chatting with friends. there jellyfish. i mean, they are beautiful. >> the culmination of the animals. >> it is very impressive. we do not have this at home. >> tell us a little about some of the spider's we see here on display. >> at the california academy of sciences, there is a very large collection of preserved and live specimens, which are the evidence about evolution.
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we have the assassin spiders which are spiders that exclusively kill and eat other spiders. they are under the microscope here. research done and the california academy's i rhinology lab suggests that the assassin spiders have been doing this for over 150 million years. this glassed in room is a real scientific laboratory, and the people in that room are preparing specimens of vertebrate that is mammals and birds. the way they do this is to remove the skin, sew it together in a relatively lifelike pose and ensure that it does not decompose. >> i am a really big class actress fan, so i am here to see them, and beer week.
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>> i wanted to learn something and have fun. >> i always enjoy it. i am not all is well -- always working as i am tonight. sometimes i come to enjoy the music and to dance. ♪ >> culturewire covers the arts in san francisco and one of my favorite culture artists is here tonight. jason, thank you for being on culturewire. tell us about some of your posters that we have here today. >> most of the posters here are four specific shows or tours. i am hired by the bands or the venue. >> what is the inspiration behind these posters? >> no, disease of the related to the bay and, of course. music -- it is related to the band, of course the musical content or isn't related to the bed. album covers can come from anywhere. ♪
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♪ >> class actress was great. we have been having so much fun. i did not realize how beautiful the cal academy looks than that. what other events take place here? >> we do corporate events that night on a regular basis. but nightlife is your best bet to come in as a regular person pharmacy the academy at night and visit with friends.
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we have details for the next few weeks. you can get tickets online in advance or at the door. >> thank you so much. thank you for watching culturewire on sf gov tv.
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